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Background Information

Kipepeo Community Empowerment Program is a Community Based Organization initiated in October 2009 to help spearhead community driven development initiatives and enable needy community groups participate in integrated activities to achieve quality livelihood and be self sustainable from; HIV & AIDS education, awareness and advocacy, rehabilitation of street children’s, support vulnerable children, deployment of both local and international volunteers to various community projects, microfinance and entrepreneurship development, Capacity Building, computer training to orphans and vulnerable youths in the community, Computer Services to the community, community library, educational support initiative to bright orphaned and vulnerable children, Eco-Tourism and Environmental education and protection.

The program is also designed to respond to Emuhaya youths needs and assets; the KCEP Project aims to empower young people to make sound career and life decisions as they transit from high school to the next phase of their lives. Te project is also building the capacity of local institutions and networks to sustain the much-needed services that KCEP will provide. Specifically, the KCEP Project intends to offers youth a series of  interconnected interventions to: build skills, facilitate appropriate career choices, provide employment and income generating opportunities, bridge technical and university education opportunities and provide fun and safe spaces.

The Kipepeo Community Empowerment Program is based in Kima Market Wekhomo Location, Emuhaya Division, Emuhaya District and Western Province(Vihiga County) Kenya. 


Kipepeo's vision is to have better future and right livelihood for families and individuals in our villages and self sustainable communities.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the local communities in Emuhaya District trough sustainable local development initiatives.


1.      People are at very center and heart of development; they are the forces behind all that we do and every endeavor we undertake.

2.      Transparency and accountability drive our actions.

3.      Sustainability is built into every intervention we pursue.

4.      A holistic approach is essential to our treatment of ourselves and on another, with the aim of developing the whole person: health body, healthy mind and healthy spirit


Our goal is to enhanced capacity, improved living standards and quality livelihood of needy and vulnerable community groups in Emuhaya District.


1.      To enhance productive livelihood and well-being for people living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

2.      To open an orphanage for the care and rehabilitation of street children, orphans, and vulnerable children.

3.      To establish a community resource center aimed at facilitating learning for orphans, vulnerable children, and street kids, as well as serving as a source of practical community and career development information to local community members and CBO-affiliated groups.

4.      To engage community group members in an effort to mobilize and enhance income-generating activities and thus improve the communal asset base.

5.      To assist community groups in initiating enterprises that will increase economic productivity, and lead to poverty-reduction and wealth creation.

6.      To establish KCEP’s own long term and self-sustaining income-generating projects.

7.      To involve our self in the social empowerment of youth (orphans, street children) through community events such as capacity-building, youth training, and social activities which bring our youth and communities together.

8.      To develop Eco-tourism and environmental management activities in the region as a source of revenue for people in the villages.

9.      Build reading programs with local community schools designed to build and improve children’s reading skills and English performance. We do this by enlisting volunteers and obtaining reading material from willing partners and volunteers. This will be an ongoing educational project for the long-term future.


1.      HIV & AIDS awareness , counseling, support innovative programs in orphans and vulnerable children and home based heath care (HBC) for the HIV affected

2.      A rehabilitation program for street children to support their basic needs and provide them with community-based education

3.      Educational support initiative to orphans, vulnerable children & street children of Luanda.

4.      A capacity-building structure which involves educational training programs in leadership, group management and financial skills.

5.      A volunteer program ; deploying of International & Local  volunteers  to community projects and places villagers in groups charged with specific community tasks in relation to their skills, strengths and interest.

6.      Alternative to violence peace trainings (AVP) for the community members.

7.      Mobilizing community groups in a service network of savings and loans for community-based microfinance.

8.      Eco-tourism and environmental management.

9.      Programs for cultural exchange.

10.   Free computer training to orphans, vulnerable youths in the community.

11.  Provisional computer services for the community, such as internet services,Typesetting, printing, photocopy services etc.

12.  Youth empowerment activities such as sports, theater, career development and drug abuse training, as well as building overall awareness and engagement through youth group projects.

13.  Community library for  reading, borrowing books and exchange of education  ideas for development.


The Emuhaya District. The District Covers Emuhaya Division and Luanda Division. It has eight administrative locations namely; South Bunyore, South-West Bunyore,  Central Bunyore, North Bunyore, North-East Bunyore, East Bunyore and Wekhomo.