Kipepeo provides internships to international students . Kipepeo has the connections to bring together international students with the appropriate mentorship based on the academic program the student is currently studying. Within the internship program, Kipepeo would interview the candidates to ensure mentors with the appropriate credentials are found. Kipepeo would find host families where the students would reside with room and board for the duration of their stay.

Kipepeo's internship program can be a life-altering experience for the international student as follows:

  • providing mentorship within the student's field of study within the perspective of a developing nation
  • experience living with a family in western Kenya
  • experience life in a small village
  • meeting many new people from Kenya as well as other internship students from around the world

KCEP works primarily with orphans, vulnerable children and street kids, people living with HIV and AIDS, people with disabilities, widows, youths and women who live in Emuhaya District and within its township. This target group is an important and essential component of this project. It’s expected that significant changes, learning and development will take place for our target group and have access to basic needs education, care, protection and a sense of belonging to the society.