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The CyberCafe Project

 This is a self-sustaining project that acts as an income generating activity to support Kipepeo projects financially. The project offers internet services to the community, typesetting work, lamination, selling of stationery, scanning of documents.

It's  based at KCEP offices in Kima.

Free Computer Training to Orphans and Vulnerable Youths

This is free computer trainings for the orphans and vulnerable youths from the communities in Emuhaya District. They are young people who have never worked with a computer before and they can not afford to pay for computer lessons in colleges.

This is meant to empower them through computer skills and enable them acquire information technology skills to help them secure jobs in the information and technology sector as a source of their livelihood.

Community Microfinance Project

This is a village savings and loans, which is a community managed microfinance based on group savings and loan methodology offered by KCEP and is managed and controlled by the community. It’s a saving led microfinance where members of the group Save and loan themselves and repay with interest until they complete the cycle  consisting of 12 months when they share out (liquidation). It helps to manage their household cash flow.Provides lump sums for lifecycle-events which include income generating projects. The project targets widows, small scale business people, village women groups, disabled peoples groups, people living positive, adult street boys.

Street Kids, Orphans and Vulnerable Children Support Project

Street kids

This is a project aimed at bringing restoration to street kids; create an environment that enables to re-establish in each child a sense of dignity and self worthy necessary to counseling. Reuniting the street children back to their parents (family reunion)/rehabilitation through community hosts. Reintegrating them to educational school and technical institutions for those above primary education, Feeding program: giving food stuff support to the street kids, counseling, recreational activities like sports, and economic empowerment for adult street children through small business development skills trainings and microfinance project for business capital support.

The activities involved include:

Provision of counseling.

Capacity building trainings in business development and enterprise.

Microfinance trainings/monitoring.

Reuniting with family members.

Feeding program.

Recreational activities like sports.

Psycho social support

Environmental project and tree nursery establishment

Life skills development and training

Drug abuse education and awareness.

Healthcare and hygiene

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

The direction of activities towards improving, in a measurable way the life of children 0-17 years old, who are orphaned  and  made more vulnerable because of  HIV/AIDS .most of them have  lost both of the parents to HIV/AIDS , made vulnerable because of  the following factors that result from  HIV/AIDS, is HIV positive, lives without adequate adult support in a household with chronically ill parents, a household that has experienced a recent death, a household headed by a grandparent and some  headed by a child. The project offers the children an opportunity to showcase their potentials, skills and talents by offering education support, library services whereby the children are accessible to a wide range of materials that support their education and strengthens their capacity to perform in schools.

The activities involved are;

Feeding the children

Career path development

Bereavement/ psychological counseling.

Educational support- part time studies.

Recreational activities- games.

Training of caregivers in HIV prevention and Home Based Care.

Health care and hygiene

School reading program.


Voluntary Service

 We provide volunteers an opportunity to gain a genuine, first-hand understanding of how local people in other cultures and countries carry on with their day-to-day lives and, in the process, to present local people with a more authentic impression of who the volunteers really are. Our aim is to enable volunteers to experience life in a rural community. They learn from the local people with whom they work and they become familiar with the human and economic conditions of developing communities. As a result, each volunteer has an opportunity to dramatically alter his or her perspective of the world and how he or she relates to it. By working with and learning from each other, both local people and volunteers can initiate intercultural friendships and understandings.